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This message is so important that it is worth everyone spending a couple
of minutes for everyone to review it about *Prop 102* here in Arizona.
Please take a few minutes to read below about why you absolutely *NEED
to be informed*. Read below about how our lives and especially our
children's lives will change if we allow same sex marriage in our state.

*Here is the entire text of Prop 102 - /"Only a union of one man and one
woman shall be valid or recognized as marriage in this state."/*

Failing to pass this will not only go against many of our core values,
but also there are many other repercussions that are already happening
in CA that I hadn't even thought of. This is not a "hate" mail
homosexuality, please do not take it as such. There are *9 examples
below worth reading* which shows what is already happening.

We will have the chance to voice our opinions soon by voting *YES on
PROP 102*! So many times, the majority of people who believe in basic
God given values go unheard because we are so timid in voicing our
opinions. For example - no prayer in school. Although 80% of us believe
in God and prayer to a higher being, it's the 20% who don't that have
the voice because they put up the "biggest fuss". I think it's
time that
we put up a fuss about something so important.

Remember, there are only a few weeks left to register to vote and it's
so easy to do it! Go to:
<> and you can do it right now! Please
Ask for a mail in ballot and you'll have no reason NOT to get this done.
Even if you
have no desire to vote on anything else, please take at least a couple
of minutes to register and vote on Prop 102. It is just too important,
to not do it.

*Just read the following examples of what can take place if we do not
take action now....
1. Children in public schools will have to be taught that same-sex
marriage is just as good as traditional marriage . The California
Education Code (§51890) already requires that health education classes
instruct children about marriage. Therefore, unless Proposition 8 passes
(similar to Arizona's Prop 102), children will be taught that marriage
is a relation between any two adults regardless of gender. There will be
serious clashes between the secular school system and the right of
parents to teach their children their own values and beliefs.

2. It will lead to more government intrusion into private lives. A
photographer in Albuquerque refused to photograph a lesbian couple's
civil union ceremony. The New Mexico Human Rights Commission fined the
photographer $6000 even though there were other photographers willing to
accept the business. And this in a state where same-sex marriage is
still illegal.

3. It will lead to speech monitors. An employee at the City of Oakland
was threatened with termination for using the terms "natural family,
marriage and family values" while discussing a public issue with
co-workers. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal backed up the district
court saying administrative efficiency in a government office is more
important than. Today it's municipal employees; tomorrow . who?

4. Anti-discrimination regulations will become more important than
religious beliefs. In Vista, California, a lesbian couple sued a doctor
who refused to perform a requested artificial insemination because of
the doctor's religious beliefs. Although another doctor offered to do
the procedure, the California Supreme Court held unanimously that the
"1st Amendment's right to the free exercise of religion does not
defendant physicians here from conforming their conduct to the .
antidiscrimination requirements." An elective procedure, no emergency
involved, another doctor willing to do the procedure. Anti-bias laws
still outweigh religion.

5. Churches will be sued over their tax-exempt status if they refuse to
allow same-sex marriage ceremonies in their religious buildings open to
the public. While pastors, priests, ministers, bishops, and rabbis may
not be forced to conduct such marriages themselves, they will be
required to allow such marriages in their chapels and sanctuaries.

6. Religious adoption agencies will be challenged by government to give
up their long-held right to place children only in homes with both a
mother and a father. Catholic Charities in Boston has already closed its
doors because of the legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

7. Religions that sponsor private schools with married-student housing
will be required to provide housing for same-sex couples, even if
counter to church doctrine, or risk lawsuits over tax exemptions and
related benefits.

8. Ministers who preach against same-sex marriages will be sued for hate
speech and could be fined by the government. It has already happened in
Canada, one of six countries that have legalized gay marriage. If a
government agency such as the Alberta Human Rights Commission can stop a
minister from teaching his church's doctrine about marriage, then it
won't be long before everyone's free speech rights will be in jeopardy.

9. It will cost everyone more money. This change in the definition of
marriage will bring a cascade of lawsuits, including some already
decided adversely. Even if courts eventually find in favor of a defender
of traditional marriage (highly improbable given today's activist
judges), think of the money - your money, your church contributions -
that will be spent on legal battles.

Think of a world where Human Rights Commissions - unelected bureaucrats
with unfettered authority - are judge, jury, and executioner of anything
they feel is antagonistic speech toward same-sex marriage and its

Think of a world where the judicial system relegates long-held religious
beliefs to second-class importance behind anti-bias laws and a newly
discovered protected class of people.

Think of a world where the public school system is required to teach
values and beliefs to your children that may conflict with your own.

Think of the very real threat to your parental rights, your free speech,
your freedom of religion.

And think of all the unintended consequences that we cannot even foresee
at this time. Where will it end?

It's your children, your grandchildren, your money, and your freedoms.

Lets work together to protect them. <>

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Checking in

Hey everyone! I've been pretty busy and it looks like things are going to keep being busy for me so I'm trying to reduce my blogging time by only posting to one blog. If it works out then great, if not I'll go back to two. I'll try and keep you updated via my photography blog. Thanks everyone!! You should all go to my photography blog RIGHT NOW so you can see my ADORABLE little niece! I'm now an AUNT for the first time! WooHoo!

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Emma's Adventures!

I know. I know. I know. I have a silly little girl and she's sooo much fun to chase around now! I was working on the computer and wasn't paying enough attention to Emma because she snuck off without me knowing. I looked in the kitchen and then looked in my room. I got scared for a second when I couldn't find her but then I realized she was in my closet playing with my shoes. :)
Jeremy was cooking dinner and I hear "Jo you better come look to see what your daughter is doing." Sure enough she was up to something... Don't worry Jeremy had just pealed some potatoes I had thrown together some cheesecake not too long before so everything was fresh...
I'm trying something new so I hope this works. EmmaLee is such a daddy's girl! If I have food she just ignores me but if Daddy has food she KNOWS she will get whatever she wants by pulling the sad face. I love love love love LOVE my little EmmaLee and all the cute things she does!

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